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Chlorine Compares with Chlorine Dioxide
Chlorine has been used as a water disinfectant for many decades, and many people are familiar with its use in water disinfection systems-so why change ?
We list below a number of advantages that chlorine dioxide treatments have over chlorine based systems:
Chlorine Chlorine Dioxide
Does not remove biofilm Will remove biofilm and thus clean tanks and pipes
Produces unwanted by-products including carcinogens Does not form chlorinated by-products
Is corrosive and unpleasant to handle Is much less corrosive than chlorine. Does not hydrolyse to form an acid
Already Banned in certain parts of Europe and the USA Is rapidly replacing chlorine in many of these areas
Is pH dependent and very ineffective above pH 7 Is not pH dependent (<pH 11)
Is ineffective against complex organisms (e.g: Cysts & Protozoa) A very broad spectrum kill*
Limited oxidative effect against various chemical contaminants. Forms chlorinated phenols Destroys phenols (without forming chlorinated phenols) specific destruction of Hydrogen Sulphides. Destruction of a wide range of chemical contaminants#
Neutralisation required before dumping to the foul drain Because no unwanted by-products are formed, and will have a lower residual after use, no neutralization normally required
Can not be used at temperatures above 40oC due to the release of chlorine gas Effective at higher temperatures-does not disassociate as rapidly as chlorine
Increased disinfection time and more service work required to combat high bug counts Cost savings in labour and use efficiency outweighs the additional chemical costs
* Includes aerobic, non-aerobic, gram positive & gram negative bacteria, spores, viruses, fungi, cysts and protozoa
# Includes iron, manganese and other metallics, phenols, trichlorophenols, Hydrogen Sulphides and Sulphides. Refer to Scotmas`s ClO2 reactivity booklet for further information and for specific reactivity rates for particular contaminants
Note: Above information from Scotmas Group.