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Parameter of Using Chlorine Dioxide
Note: The following data is got according to the literature and experiment, as reference only, not obligation

(一). Using of Chlorine Dioxide:
Control Points Notice
Transport and Storage 1. Should be stored and transported in a cool, dry place, avoid sunlight/heat, moisture.
2. Forbid set with acid or alkali substances together.
Choose Container 1. Storage, activation, preparation of high concentration solution should be selected plastic, ceramics, glass or other non-metallic containers.
2. Under the recommended concentration of disinfectant, no corrosion to metal of containers, pipes, equipment.
Activation and Preparation 1. Disinfectants should be prepared at the using place.
2. Some product need to be added activation before use. It is normal phenomenon after added activator emitting bubbles.
3. Make sure that added the activation to water, forbid reversing the order.
4. Unit package of solid product should be exhausted first. If not, should be sealed the open, avoid contact water or damp.
Using of Phase 1. Shall not be mixed with other disinfectants, avoid happening chemical reactions.
2. High concentration of chlorine dioxide liquid has strong bleaching ability, should avoid contacting clothing and skin.
3. Activated liquid or high concentration of liquid, if ingestion, should be drink much water and go to hospital immediately.
4. The chlorine dioxide liquid is non-toxic disinfectant, but don`t direct consumption because of the strong oxidation.
5. Keep away from the children.
Others The liquid, especially high concentration, it is normal phenomenon that appearing part crystals granule at the bottom of container, does not affect using results.

(二). The ClO2 Compares with other Disinfectants Table:
Characters ClO2 Chlorhexidine Iodine Chlorine / Hypochlorite Phenol Aldehyde NaOH Alcohol Ammonium
Resistance to Organic Matter Good Ordinary poor poor General good good General General
Activity in Hard-water Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
Affect High Temperature Result is best in 26-60 ℃
No Activity decreased Activity decreased below 43 ℃
Activity increased Result is best in 26-60 ℃
No No No
PH Range No effect Alkaline Acidic Acidic Acidic No effect Alkaline No effect Alkaline
Anion Soap Compatibility No Yes Yes No Yes yes Yes No No
Activity of Residue No Yes Yes No Yes No Yes No No
Toxicity or Discomfort No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Damage to Surface No No No Yes No Yes Yes No No
Kill the Bacteria Most Part Most Most Most Yes Most Most Part
Kill the Spores Yes Part Part Part No Yes Yes No No
Kill the Viruses Yes No Part Part Part Yes Yes Part Part

(三). Recommend: The most Appropriate Package of ClO2 Table:
Type Target
Large packing powder (≥ 5kg / bag) Large-scale water treatment, veterinary drugs sub-package
Medium packing Powder (500g-1kg / bag) Medium-size water treatment, sterilization in hospitals, epidemic emergency prevention, bleaching process, aquaculture
Small package Powder (≤ 200 g / bag) Disinfection of food and beverage companies, emergency epidemic prevention, small and medium drinking water treatment
Two-component small package powder (≤ 160g /group) Small-scale drinking water treatment, conventional disinfection of food industry and retails.
Individually unit package tablets (1g / pill) Emergency vaccination, a small amount of wild drinking water treatment, disinfection of domestic resident.
Big package tablet (≥ 200 tablets / bag) water treatment, aquaculture, ground sterilization
Small packing of 2-6% solution (2.5kg / barrel) Regular disinfection of small food and beverage factory.
Large packing of 2-6% solution (25kg / barrel) Regular disinfection of medium-sized and big enterprises of food and beverage
Small packing of 20% solution (2.5kg / barrel) Bleaching, small and medium water treatment.
Large packing of 20% solution (25kg / barrel) Large-scale water treatment, oxidative decomposition of harmful substances, bleaching agents sub-package.