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Product Sterilization, Bleaching and Preservation
Chlorine dioxide application in food and beverage, agricultural products for disinfection, preservation and bleaching
D1.Dairy Industry Disinfection D2.Mineral/Purity Water Plant Disinfection
D3.Soft Drink Industry Disinfection D4.Forzen Beverages Industry Disinfection
D5.Meat Products Disinfection D6.Slaughterhouse Disinfection
D7.Egg Products Disinfection D8.Bean Products Refreshment
D9.Soft Canned Food Industry Disinfection D10.Pastries Industry Disinfection
D11.Bean Sprouts Disinfection/refreshment D12.Condiment Plant Disinfection
D13.Mushroom,Bamboo,Shoots Bleacheing D14.Beer, Wine Industry Disinfection
D15.Rice Products Bleaching: Wet noodle, rice and other food products disinfection, bleaching and desulfurization
D16.Vegetable Refreshment: Fresh vegetablets, boiled vegetables, dehydrated food, vacuum food refreshment and sterilization
D17.Food Refreshment :Frozen fish, meat, dumplings, rice balls, fish balls, chicken disinfection and preservation
D18. Down Feather products bleaching and disinfection
D19. CIP System Disinfection, utensil immersion disinfection, surface spraying disinfection
D20. Hands Washing Disinfection:Hands washing disinfection powder of chlorine dioxide
D21. Footwear Disinfection for shoes, footwear, work clothes, etc.
D22. Food and Beverage Water Treatment:160g package with two-component powder
D23. Concentrated Sulfur-free Food Bleaching: Mushroom, oil, preserved fruits bleaching
D24. High Purity Chlorine Dioxide Powder:Rice, meat and other raw materials processing in thawing, disinfection, bleaching, etc.