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Chlorine Dioxide Disinfectant Application in Dairy Processing
——Disinfection for Production Processes of Milk, Goat Milk, Reconstituted Milk, Milk Powder (tablets), Condensed Milk, Cheese, Lactose and other Dairy Products

Dairy is an eutrophication material and the process are vulnerable to microbial contamination, so it is very important to choose a suitable disinfectant. Chlorine dioxide sterilization is not only stronger than other disinfectants, and it will not damage the nutritional content of dairy products either. Besides, it is friendly to human and animals. Chlorine dioxide has been used in almost all the required disinfection of food processing areas in developed countries.

Chlorine dioxide can be applied to disinfect in the manufacturing process of diary products such as milk, goat milk, mare milk and other liquid dairy category, reconstituted milk, milk, milk tablets, milk fat, milk dairy, cheese, ice cream and milk casein, lactose, whey powder, whey protein concentrates and so on.

Chlorine Doxide Disinfection Method in the Dairy Processing

1. Disinfection in adjusting milk water and process water: chlorine dioxide concentration 0.5-1mg / l.

2. Disinfection for transportation, factory gate, footwear pool into the workshop: using 100-200mg / l chlorine dioxide disinfectant soaking and spraying.

3. Workshop and the internal cold storage disinfection: 1000mg / l Chlorine dioxide fumigating or 100-200 mg / l chlorine dioxide disinfectant spraying or rubbing.

4. Pipes, tanks and other CIP systems disinfection: 50-100mg / l chlorine dioxide with pump cycling more than 15 minutes, or soaking 8 hours and stay overnight.

5. Filling machine, filling heads, conveyors and other equipment surface disinfection: using 100mg / l chlorine dioxide disinfectant wiping.

6. Staff hands, footwear, clothing, tools and other items disinfection: with 30 - 100mg / l chlorine dioxide disinfectant soaking after washing.

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