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Disinfection Knowledge
Chlorine Dioxide Products List
Tablets Powder
A001 Emergency Effervescent Disinfection Tablet B001 Disinfection Powder
A002 Effervescent Disinfection Tablet B002 Purity Disinfection Powder
A003 Water Fountain Disinfectant B003 High Purity Disinfection Powder
A004 Pet Disinfectant B004 Higher Purity Disinfection Powder
A005 Aquacultural Germicide B005 Highest Purity Disinfection Powder
A006 Preventive Disinfection Batch (I) B006 Decontamination Powder
A007 Preventive Disinfection Batch (II) B007 Down Feather Bactericidal Deodorant
A008 Preventive Disinfection Batch(III) B008 Hand-washing Disinfectant
Liquid B009 Workshop Disinfectant
C001 Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide Solution B010 Tableware Disinfectant
C002 High Content Chlorine Dioxide Solution B011 Auto Disinfectant/Deodorant
C003 Most Content Chlorine Dioxide Solution B012 Room Air Disinfectant
C004 Waterless/Alcohol Disinfectant B013 Space Fumigation Disinfectant
C005 Spray Disinfectant B014 Fruits/Vegetables Preservative
C006 Deodorizer B015 Sericulture Germicide
Water Treatment B016 Agricultural Bactericide
D001 Water Purification Tablets B017 Bean Sprouts Disinfectant
D002 Camp Drinking Water Purification B018 Food Bleaching Agent
D003 Food and Beverage Water Disinfectant B019 Beekeeping Bactericide
D004 Swimming Pool Water Disinfectant B020 Tobacco Nursery Bactericide
D005 Cool Tower/Loop Water Disinfectant B021 Fishery Disinfectant
D006 Marine Water Purification B022 Poultry/Livestock Disinfectant
D007 Waste Water Purification  
Chlorine Dioxide Application Areas
Preventive and Control of Disease
A1.Spray Disinfectant-- Personal care and health protection
A2.Preventive Disinfection Batch (I)
A3.Preventive Disinfection Batch (Ⅱ)
A4.Preventive Disinfection Batch (Ⅲ)
A5.Decontamination Powder-- Special for disaster, fire and other cleaning and disinfection
A6."Plague" transmission knowledge and preventive disinfection measures
A7."H1N1" (swine flu) knowledge and preventive disinfection measures
A8."Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Disease" knowledge and preventive disinfection measures
A9."Avian Flu" and "Human Avian Flu" knowledge and preventive disinfection measures
A10."Aftosa " (Foot and mouth disease) knowledge and preventive disinfection measures
A11."Anthrax" knowledge and preventive disinfection measures
A12."Intestinal Disease" knowledge and preventive disinfection measures
A13."Viral hepatitis " knowledge and preventive disinfection measures
A14."Atypical Pneumonia" knowledge and preventive disinfection measures
A15."AIDS" knowledge and preventive disinfection measures
A16."Tuberculosis" knowledge and preventive disinfection measures
Public Places and House Disinfection
B1.Hotels Disinfection: Hotel, barrack water purification, kitchens, room disinfection, etc.
B2.Drinking Fountain Disinfection: Water fountains should be disinfected once 30 days.
B3.Air Disinfection: House, classroom, office, vehicle removal formaldehyde odor, against cold
B4.Pet Sterilization: Cats, dogs, horse sterilization, in addition to bathing
B5.Tableware Disinfection: Suitable for canteens, restaurants and beverage stores
B6.Hands Disinfection: Food retail, processing and counting of money to work on disinfection
B7.School Disinfection: Kindergartens, primary and other school disinfection method
B8.Bath Disinfection: Chlorine dioxide application in hot water, bath water disinfection
B9.Swimming Pool Disinfection: Chlorine dioxide purification, removal odor and algae
B10.Wild Drinking Water Disinfectant: Military, exploration, climbing, explorer, hiker
B11.Second-hand House Disinfection
B12.Refrigerator Disinfection
B13.Room Disinfection
B14.Family Disinfection
B15.Washing Machine Disinfection
B16.Mobile Phones, Computer Keyboards Disinfection
B17.Baby Products, feeder, Toys Disinfection
B18.Toilet Disinfection
B19.Clothing Disinfection
B20.Fruits and Vegetables Disinfection
B21.Tableware Disinfection: Suitable for family tableware.
Water Treatment Purification
C1.Drinking Water Disinfection: Recommend five chlorine dioxide disinfectants for drinking water plants or various water treatment facilities.
C2.Wild Drinking Water Disinfectant: Military, exploration, climbing, explorer, hiker and outdoor activities personal
C3.Secondary Water Disinfection: Process instructions of chlorine dioxide disinfectant application in the secondary water supply
C4.Swimming Pool Water Disinfection: Chlorine dioxide disinfection application in the swimming pool
C5.Ballast Water Treatment: Chlorine dioxide applications in the ballast water treatment processing
C6.Bath Water Disinfection: Chlorine dioxide application and product recommendation in the hot water amd bath water disinfection
C7.Sewage Water Disinfection: Sewage water or landscape water disinfection, removal algae and odor, decomposition of toxic materials
Product Sterilization, Bleaching and Preservation
D1.Dairy Industry Disinfection
D2.Mineral/Purity Water Plant Disinfection
D3.Soft Drink Industry Disinfection
D4.Forzen Beverages Industry Disinfection
D5.Meat Products Disinfection
D6.Slaughterhouse Disinfection
D7.Egg Products Disinfection
D8.Bean Products Refreshment
D9.Soft Canned Food Industry Disinfection
D10.Pastries Industry Disinfection(I010)
D11.Bean Sprouts Disinfection/refreshment
D12.Condiment Plant Disinfection
D13.Mushroom,Bamboo,Shoots Bleacheing
D14.Beer, Wine Industry Disinfection
D15.Rice Products Bleaching: Wet noodle, rice and other food products disinfection, bleaching and desulfurization
D16.Vegetable Refreshment: Fresh vegetablets, boiled vegetables, dehydrated food, vacuum food refreshment and sterilization
D17.Food Refreshment: Frozen fish, meat, dumplings, rice balls, fish balls, chicken disinfection and preservation
D18.Down Feather products bleaching and disinfection
D19.CIP System Disinfection, utensil immersion disinfection, surface spraying disinfection
D20.Hands Washing Disinfection: Hands washing disinfection powder of chlorine dioxide
D21.Footwear Disinfection for shoes, footwear, work clothes, etc.
D22.Food and Beverage Water Treatment:160g package with two-component powder
D23.Concentrated Sulfur-free Food Bleaching: Mushroom, oil, preserved fruits bleaching
D24.High Purity Chlorine Dioxide Powder: Rice, meat and other raw materials processing in thawing, disinfection,bleaching, etc.
Livestock and Poultry Disease Prevention and Control
E1.Aquaculture Disinfection: Special for fish, crab, shrimp, fog, etc
E2.Livestock Drinking Water Treatment: Chlorine dioxide disinfection tablets
E3.Farms Disinfection: Recommend and introduce comprehensive disinfection methods
E4.Slaughterhouse Sterilization: Recommend comprehensive and systematic disinfection methods for slaughterhouses
E5.Farm Disinfection and Removal Odor: Poultry hatchery for chickens, ducks and air disinfection, space fumigation disinfection
E6.BeeKeeping Disinfection: Bee field sanitation and disinfection using method
E7.Sericulture Disinfection: Recommend high-purity chlorine dioxide powder
E8."Poultry Diseases" health knowledge and preventive sterilization measures
E9."Bird Flu" health knowledge and preventive disinfection measures
E10."Livestock Infectious Disease" health knowledge and preventive disinfection measures
E11."Anthrax" health knowledge and preventive disinfection measures
E12."Foot and Mouth Disease" health knowledge and preventive disinfection measures
Agriculture and Plant Bactericide
F1.Tobacco Nursery Bactericide
F2.Vegetables,Fruit Planting Fungicide
F3.Vegetables,Fruit Sterilization and Refreshment
F4.Soil, Planting Hole,Seeds Disinfection
Latest Literature Documents of Chlorine Dioxide
Country Literature Documents
Global Chlorine Dioxide Introduction
Global Chlorine Dioxide Using Parameter
Global Chlorine Dioxide-Material Safety Data Sheet
Global Chlorine Dioxide Compares with Chlorine
Global Chlorine Dioxide Compares with other Disinfectants
Global Chlorine Dioxide Approved of Legal Provisions
America Occupational Safety and Health Guideline for Chlorine Dioxide
America Regulations and Guidelines Applicable to Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorite
Europe Disinfection Applications of Chlorine Dioxide in the European Union (1998)
British Workplace health,safety and welfare on Chlorine Dioxide
A short guide for managers
Regulation on Drinking Water Standards
Country/Organization Drinking Water Quality Standards
WHO,USA, EU Most Important Comparisons of Drinking Water Specifications
WHO Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality
America National Primary Drinking Water Regulations
National Secondary Drinking Water Regulations
Europe Council Directive 98/83/EC on the Quality of Water Intended for Human Consumption ?November 3, 1998
Canada Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality Sixth Edition
Australia Drinking Water Guidelines 2004
New Zealand Drinking water Standards for New Zealand 2005
South Africa National Standards for Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals
Nigeria Standard for Drinking Water Quality
India Drinking Water Specifications
Japan Drinking Water Quality Standards
China Standards for Drinking Water Quality
China-Taiwan Drinking Water Source Quality Protection Regulation
Public Health and Food Safety Act
Country/Organization Public Health/Food Safety Act
WHO (English) International Health Regulation
WHO (French) International Health Regulation
WHO (Russian) International Health Regulation
WHO (Spanish) International Health Regulation
WHO (Arabic) International Health Regulation
WHO (Chinese) International Health Regulation
America Federal Public Health Service Act
America Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act
Europe Food Safety Act
Europe Commission Regulation (EC) on Microbiological Criteria for Foodstuffs 2005
Australia Public Health Act 2005
Australia Food Safety Standards
Canada Public Health Act
Japan Food Sanitation Act
Jamaica Public Health Act
China The People's Republic of China Food Safety Law
China The People's Republic of China Food Sanitation Law