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Chlorine Dioxide Disinfectant Application in the Hotel Industry Health Management

Hostels, hotels, guesthouses, military supply station, depot, bath center with accommodation, catering and other services are regarded as hotel industry. The key health management of hotel industry is disinfection. The disinfection include: drinking water, bathing water, restaurant and kitchen disinfection, environment and ground sterilization, disinfection and deodorizing the room, furniture tops and other hard surface, toilet and other bathroom appliances, bathtub, bed clothing and other textile fabric, disinfection of air-conditioning systems, and many other aspects.

As Disinfectant is for hotel industry, it should not only have a good effect of sterilization, but also has no pollution and stimulation to environment and users and also treatment water should not be corrosive to substances and can be used to drink and many other advantages.

Chlorine dioxide has no toxic,residue and "three-induced effect",and it is green and safe. Besides, it is regarded as the best disinfectant by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Food and Agriculture Organization.

Fully meeting the requirements of hotels, chlorine dioxide disinfectant can be applied to all fields of hotel disinfection.

Chlorine Dioxide Disinfection Using Method in the Hotel Industry:

1. Disinfection of Secondary Water Supply Systems:

(1)Impounding reservoir and water tank disinfection:
Cleaned and disinfected once a month in summer and disinfected once every other month in winter.
Chlorine dioxide disinfectant concentration: 100mg/L.
(2) Water Disinfection:
Chlorine dioxide Concentration for underground reservoirs disinfection is 0.5-1m /L.
Chlorine dioxide Concentration for tap water tank disinfection is 0.2-0.8mg/L.

2. Air-Conditioning System Disinfection:

(1)Air filter: with 100mg /L disinfectant wiping or soaking it then rinse with water and dry out.
(2)Central air-conditioning disinfection and deodorization: At runtime, with 100mg/L chlorine dioxide disinfectant spraying into the vent.
(3)Circulating cooling water: 0.5-1mg/L chlorine dioxide disinfectant solution sterilization.

3. Disinfection Other Types of Surface, Space or Staffs Disinfection:

(1)Surfaces disinfection: floors, elevators, doors, windows, furniture and other surfaces with 100-200mg/l of disinfectant mopping or wiping.
(2)Textiles disinfection: bed sheets, quilts, clothing, towels, slippers with 30mg/l disinfectant soaking for 30 minutes after washing.
(3)Space air disinfection: using 100mg/L chlorine dioxide disinfectant spraying or mopping.
(4)Kitchen, dining room items: refrigerator, turnover box, cutlery, knives, cutting boards, etc with 100-200mg/L disinfectant wiping or soaking for 30 minutes.
(5)Office supplies: computer keyboards, mice, fax machines and telephone and other office supplies surface with 100-200mg/L disinfectant wiping.
(6)Bathroom Accessories: pools, hot tubs, etc. with 100mg/L ~ 200mg/L disinfectant wiping.
(7)Sanitary ware: toilet, sewer using 200 -500 mg/L disinfectant solution washing with an action of 20 minutes.
(8)Trash: internal and external surface with 200 mg/L chlorine dioxide disinfectant spraying.
(9)Staff hand disinfection: using 100-200mg/L chlorine dioxide drying in the air after soaking.

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