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FMD Disease Health Knowledge and Preventive Disinfection Measures
Health Knowledge

FMD is highly contagious, high mortality livestock diseases, against cattle, sheep, pigs, camels, deer and other hoofed animals, (two hoof of the beast Class). Lesions outbreak on the mouth, hooves, etc and spread among livestocks. Foot and mouth disease occurred between livestock, and can also spread to human, so FMD is a zoonotic infectious disease.

Pathogen of foot-and-mouth disease is foot-and-mouth virus.Most of virus exist in the inner lip of sick animals, tongue blisters or erosions department, in the hoof toes, foot blisters, or rotten spots, besides salivate, latex, dung, urine and the exhalant gas is also the virus spots. This virus can survive for a long time and especially exists in contaminated forage, fur and soil.In contaminated cold meat, it can spread far distance from transportation.

People infect FMD by contacting FMD infected animals or mistakenly drinking the milk of sick animals or eating infected meat and other channels. Once the people infected FMD disease virus there is an incubation period of 2-18 days, with fever, mouth dry and hot of lips, gums, tongue side, cheek, throat flushing, the water blisters appeared in fingertip skin blisters, palms, toes, accompanied by headache, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, sometimes concurrent myocarditis. The patients recover a few days later and prognosis is good. Patients were basically free of infectious, but they can spread the virus to livestock animals, then foot and mouth disease among livestock renewed popularity.

Recommend Products
1. Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide Solution (500ml / bottle)
2. Emergency Effervescent Disinfection Tablet (200 g / bag)
3. Disinfection Powder

Disinfection Measures
1. Disinfection should be carried out timely after the outbreak once a day at least.
2. Activate chlorine dioxide disinfectant into the liquid ≥ 1500mg/kg then add water, dilute to appropriate concentration.
3. Applied according to the following table after cleaning competition.
Slaughterhouse Case Using Concentration(mg/kg) Disinfection Measures
Guard disinfectant pool 150 Soak
Slaughtered, the slaughter plant, processing plant's floors, walls, air space disinfection 100-120 Spray to wet
No dilution Sandy will be placed in bowls shaped liquid container fumigation to colorless natural replacement
Manger, sink 100 Soak or rinse
Transport, field Ground 200 Spray to wet for 30 minutes or fumigation
Staff hands disinfection instruments 80-100 Soaking for more than 30 seconds
Clothes, hat and other textile products 20 Soak 10 minutes
Rinse water treatment 5-10 Direct investment and added to the water used to wash the meat
Sewage treatment 20-40 Mixed sewage directly into the role of time is not less than 30 minutes
Dirt, waste, waste 100-200 Shower spray
Sick animals body 300-500 Deep away from the source of water after spraying