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"TB" Hygiene Knowledge and Preventive Disinfection Measures
Health Knowledge

Tuberculosis, also known as "TB" and "white plague", is a respiratory disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Most of the patients are infected through the respiratory tract. When patients with active tuberculosis spits, bacteria will fly with the saliva, Mycobacterium tuberculosis usually can survive a few months in damp, dark environment, the healthy people can be infected at any time. Except human's hair, almost all the organizations can be infected with TB, such as intestinal tuberculosis, bone tuberculosis, lymphatic system and so on. Because TB mainly spreads by the respiratory tract, the tuberculosis infection rate is higher than other organs, accounting for the first. Patients with TB may have symptoms of fever, night sweats, fatigue, dry cough or sputum, bloodshot, facial flushing, body weight loss and so on. If not treated in time, the disease would turn into chronic, even lead poisoning symptoms and death.

By contrast, certain types of tuberculosis are infectious, pulmonary tuberculosis (such as bone tuberculosis, meningeal tuberculosis, etc.) are not infectious. But the lungs are open to the outside, when TB is deteriorating or forming cavities, bacteria can easily breed to a large amount and spread to air.At the beginning time of infected, people almost have no symptoms and are not infected by tuberculosis until less of people resistance are decreasing, the disease will turn into tuberculosis. The high infectivity is at the time when tuberculosis was found and before treating. So it is important for patients to take early discovery seriously and be quarantined in tuberculosis hospital in time, less contact with family members and others. If not quarantined in hospital, patients should be quarantined at home andtake right disinfection measures to cut off infection sources and transmissions.
Recommend Products
1. Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide Solution (500ml/Bottle)
2. Emergency Effervescent Disinfection Tablet (200g/bag)
3. Disinfection Powder (13g/bag)

Disinfection Measures

Note: first, prepare chlorine dioxide into a mother solution according to the instructions and then diluted to the concentration as the following table before using:
Domestic Disinfection for Patients
Quarantined in Home
Concentration(mg/kg) Disinfection Measures
Air disinfection 500 Place into container, fumigation by air.
100 Spray
Furniture or ground surface 100-200 Wipe, at least2 times per day
Patients tableware、mouthwash application、washcloth 50-100 Soaking for more than 30 minutes
Patients bedding、handkerchief、respirator 20-50 Clean, soaking 30 minutes
Patients excrement(sputum、feces) 300-500 Pour into with activation of 30 minutes
Patients water closet、sanitary applications 100-200 Spray to wet or wipe