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Swine Flu Disinfection Measures
Notes: Disinfection should be done in public epidemic place, designated hospitals, and crowded place every day, prevention is more important. After epidemic disease outbreaks, disinfection should be done two times a day within a week, later once a day. Put chlorine dioxide into water to a concentration of 1500mg/kg of mother liquid, then add mother liquid into water to a moderate solution for disinfection.

Disinfection Target Concentration (mg/kg) Using Method Notes
Air disinfection(no one state) 500 fumigate Ventilation
Air disinfection (no state) 1000
floor 100-150 Wipe or spray More than 3 times a day
Floor infected by patients



Activate 1 hour, clean
Patients sputum、excretion、sputum container 500 soak Activate more than 1 hour
Articles surface 200-300 Wipe Wipe 2 times a day, soak rag 10 min before next using
Atomizer and other applications 200 Soak Application must be used by one person!soaking for 30 min
Patients’ clothing and bedding、textile applications 50 Soak Soak 1 hour, clean
Patients vehicles 200 Spray or wipe Activate time of more than 30 min
Bitted fruits or vegetables by patients 20 Soak Cannot eat the remain,buried after soaking disinfection
Hands or skin of patients and health care workers 50 Soak 1-3minutes
Sewage treatment 200-300 Put into water Mix,with action more than 30 min
Human or animal body 500 Spray or soak Buried and cremated away from water source after animal carcasses disinfection ASAP