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Chlorine Dioxide Disinfectant Application in the Wine Manufacturing Process
——Beer, Wine, Rice Wine, Health Care (medicine) Wine, Fruit (juice) Wine Production in the Water Treatment and Environmental Disinfection and Equipment Sterilization

The production of beer, wine, health care (medicine) wine, fruit (juice) wine and other alcoholic generally contain raw materials processing, water treatment, fermentation, filter, modulation and other processes. As the majority of raw materials and finished products are eutrophic substances, they can easily breed bacteria. So there is a high requirement about raw materials, water quality and environmental cleaning.We can say that washing and disinfection process are throughout all the process. Disinfection of the significance is self-evident.

Chlorine dioxide is confirmed by the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) and FAO (FAO) as the AI level of disinfectant, it is broad-spectrum, highly efficient, non-toxic, no residue, no "three-induced effect." In addition to be as an environmental disinfectant used outside, chlorine dioxide also is approved as drinking water treatment agent and the food agent by China's Ministry of Health. It is the best alternative of other disinfectants and food additives such as bleach, calcium hypochlorite, sodium dichloroisocyanurate which were banned by other countries.Chlorine dioxide can be applied to wine production process of water disinfection, instrument sterilization, environment and staffs disinfection and many other aspects.

Disinfection Application

1.Sterile water treatment:adding chlorine dioxide into running and clean water to concentrations of 0.2-0.8mg/l, reaction time than 30 minutes.

2.CIP system pipe disinfection: wash water for 15-20 minutes, then hot alkaline cycle for 30 minutes, after rinsing with water adding 50-100mg/l solution of chlorine cycle of 20 minutes, emptying the liquid after disinfection.

3.fumigation disinfection inside the fermentation tank: after washing water storage tanks, mixing tanks and other large containers, using 40ml per cubic meter concentrations of greater than 2000mg/l chlorine dioxide disinfectant, with wide-mouth container hanging on the tank top, seal 1-20 hours, can be used without washing.

4.Filter wine room equipment disinfection:soaking into 50-100mg/l chlorine dioxide solution.

5.Fiber filter: soaking into 50-100mg/l chlorine dioxide continuous for 48 hours, severe polluted filter by 2-3 times the intermittent irrigation and disinfection.

6.Fermentation workshop space sterilization:above 2000mg/l the concentration of disinfectant chlorine dioxide fumigation or 200mg/l or more disinfectant concentration spraying (Per square meter (50-100mg).

7.The factory environment, warehouse and others disinfection:100-200mg/l chlorine dioxide disinfectant spray.

8.Workshop floors, walls, doors, windows and other production equipment, conveyor belt surface disinfection: 100-150mg/l chlorine dioxide disinfectant wipe.

9.Footwear pool, disinfection of pool vehicles imported into the plant: Add 150-200mg/l chlorine dioxide disinfectant, class change.

10.The operator hand disinfection: after cleaning, soaking into 100 mg/l of chlorine dioxide disinfectant.

11.Working clothing, gloves, etc. disinfection: soaking into 10-30mg/l chlorine dioxide disinfectant for 20 minutes.

12.Transport vehicles disinfection:50-100mg/l chlorine dioxide disinfectants spray or wipe.

13.Wine bottle sterilization: soaking into 50-100mg/l chlorine dioxide disinfectant then washed by sterile water.

14.Beer fresh: add 0.5-1mg/l chlorine dioxide disinfectant to beer to extend shelf life.

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