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Product    Direction
Item No: C005
Proprietary Name: Spray Disinfectant
Main Ingredient: 8% of Chlorine Dioxide
Package: 30ml/bottle x 20bottles/box            
Validity: One year

1. Easy to use.
2. AI grade from WHO.
3. Approved by FAO, EPA, FDA, Ministry of Health from many countries.
4. Free activation, green, safe, efficient, no toxicity, no residue.
5. Its unique oxidation of principle can kill all kinds of bacteria, virus, fungi, microbe, spore, Bacteria Colonies, Coliform Bacteria, Coli Escherichia, epidemic flu, SARS virus, HIV viruses, hepatitis viruses, harmful organic substance, etc.
Hands, cars, office, toilet, private space prevent and kill all kinds of epidemic influenza, virus, fungi, bacteria, such as H1N1, SARS, HIV and so on. 
Usage and Dosage: Spray on the surface of objects to dry.
Storage and Precaution:
1. Seal and keep below 35oC, away from heat/sun light.
2. If contact eyes, use clean water to flush immediately.