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Disinfection Measures in Slaughterhouses
Slaughterhouse Disinfection and Chlorine Dioxide

Slaughterhouse transmits pathogens and is the source of food poisoning. Doing a good disinfection of the slaughterhouse not only eliminates the threat of pathogen transmission and makes slaughter livestock a filter of poultry meat products, but also has important influence to improve the quality of slaughtered livestock and poultry products.

Chlorine dioxide is confirmed by the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) and FAO as the AI-level disinfectant, which can kill bacterial spores of all the viruses and bacteria. It is broad-spectrum efficacy and no drug resistance and quick, easy to use, harmless to humans, animals and environment, it can also remove odor and the best choice of disinfectant to slaughterhouse.

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Slaughterhouse Disinfection Methods

1. Animal sheds disinfection: use 100-200mg/l chlorine dioxide disinfectant on the floors, walls, fence, manger, animals.
2. Livestock drinking water: a direct input of water to make chlorine dioxide concentration of 1mg / l.
3. Bog manure disinfection: use 200 mg/l of chlorine dioxide disinfectant spraying or mixing, reaction time more than 30 minutes.
4. Transport tool disinfection: use 100mg/l chlorine dioxide disinfectant spraying or wiping.
5. Sewage disinfection: put into chlorine dioxide disinfectant to concentration of 25mg / l.
6. Acceptance, the isolation, the slaughter and processing, the split meat processing, finishing among the disinfection byproducts: using 100mg/l of chlorine dioxide wiping or spraying on ground, wall base, access, tables, equipment, tools, test equipment, etc.; overalls, gloves, aprons, shoes, etc., after a clean scrub soaking in 50-80mg/l chlorine dioxide disinfectant for 20-30 minutes.
7. Epidemic disinfection: an outbreak of disease in livestock and poultry disinfection, dead body with 300-500mg/l chlorine dioxide disinfectant spraying, then do harmless treatment, disinfection of other areas needs more than double the normal amount of disinfectant.