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"Intestinal Disease" Health Knowledge and Preventive Disinfection Measures
Health Knowledge

Intestinal disease is a group of diseases transmitted by the digestive tract. Intestinal infectious diseases are caused by the pathogenic microorganisms entering the body through the digestive tract, mouth and as a result cause diarrhea and a series of human diseases.

The common disease mainly contains kinds of typhoid, paratyphoid, bacillary dysentery, cholera, hepatitis and bacterial food poisoning. Intestinal infectious pathogens are carried off from the patient and stool pathogen of patient's vomit,pollutes environment. Then water, food, hands, flies, cockroaches, and other medias go through from the mouth into the gastrointestinal tract, produce toxins in humans bodies cause disease, and continue to discharge pathogens and then spread to other healthy people.

The culprit of intestional disease is intestinal pathogens which are of many types, the main pathogens are bacteria, viruses and parasites. They are all very small and cannot be seen by the naked eyes.These pathogens mainly exist in the patient's stool and vomit, and food, water, utensils and other items surface contaminated by the patients' stool and vomit. Flies, cockroaches and other insects help spread food-borne diseases and when they bite stool and vomit of patients and crawl on the food, water and utensils, they spread the pathogens of intestinal disease.

1. Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide Solution (500ml / bottle)
2. Effervescent Disinfection Tablet (200 g / bag)
3. Disinfection Powder

Disinfection Measures

1. Disinfection should be done in epidemic-prone season, regularly and timely .
2. Activate chlorine dioxide disinfectant into the liquid ≥ 1500mg/kg, later add water diluted to the appropriate concentration.
Case in Hotel Restaurant Use Concentration (mg/kg) Disinfection Measures
Air sterilization for Restaurant, kitchen, toilets, office area and other kinds of space 500 Placed in its mouth bowl disinfectant container fumigation to colorless, replacement
200 Spraying the ground, walls, etc
Air conditioning 300-500 Disinfectant dish-shaped container placed in a large population, on the air into the outlet for air fumigation to colorless change.
Engineering equipment, kitchen utensils, equipment, etc. 80-100 Immersion or hand scrub
Cooks, waiters, etc. hand disinfection 50-80 After soaking for more than 30 seconds, air dry or wipe with a sterile towel
Towels, tablecloths, tableware, bedding, bed sheets 20 Soaking 30 minutes
Tables and chairs, stair handrails, ground 100-200 Wiping, spraying to wet
Seafood, fish, meat, fruits, vegetables disinfection, preservation, deodorization, deodorant 10-20 Soak 10 minutes then the water wash