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Chlorine Dioxide Disinfectants Application in Secondary Water Supply System
As the capacity of city pipe network is limited and can’t supply water directly for high rise buildings, we usually need force pressure once again, this is called “secondary water supply”. Secondary water supply system consists of underground reservoir, booster pump and high level cistern. The water from reservoir and high level cistern of secondary water supply system will be contaminated again more or less. The remainder of chlorine has run out and fungus will breed easily. In order to reach WHO standard, a secondary disinfection is necessary.

Considering security, we can’t disinfect high building water by chlorine gas. The best choice is chlorine dioxide. There are two ways for the secondary water supply disinfection. One is to use chlorine dioxide generator, the other is to use chlorine dioxide disinfectant with the help of pump.

Chlorine dioxide generator is suitable for large water supply reservoir. While chlorine dioxide disinfectant with pump are popular among detached buildings for its small investment and high efficiency.

Besides disinfecting water, we also have to disinfect cistern and pool lamp. They can be cleaned by high-pressure pump or manual work.

According to the features of the secondary water supply system, disinfectant can be put in impounding reservoir or high-level cistern. Put in impounding reservoir, disinfectant can be fully dissolved. Put in cistern, disinfectant need less but impounding reservoir is not disinfected for a long time, it will breed fungi and algae. Impounding reservoir must be disinfected and cleaned at regular intervals.
Considering that sterilization equipment is unhandy on the roof, we'd better chose impounding reservoir as input place.

High-level Cistern and Impounding Reservoir Disinfection

According to related regulations, proprietor should disinfect high-level cistern and impounding reservoir regularly. We can disinfect by soaking, high pressure water blower flushing or labor washing.

Disinfectant Dosage and Device Choose
1. water Disinfection
Choose impounding reservoir as input place, dosage is 0.5-1mg/L.
Choose high-level cistern as input place, dosage is 0.2-0.8mg/L.
Dosing pump selection: Bello Zon corrosion resisting pump recommended.

2. High-level Cistern and Impounding Reservoir Disinfection
Chlorine dioxide disinfectant concentration: 100-200 mg/L.
Disinfect by Soaking and action time no less than one hour.
High pressure pump and manual washing, action time no less than 30 minutes.

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