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Special for firefight, disaster areas to use
Item No: B006
Proprietary Name: Decontamination Powder
Package: 500 g/bag × 20 bags/barrel
Main Ingredient: 8% of Chlorine Dioxide
Validity: One year
1. Approved by WHO, EPA, FDA.
2. Safe, efficient, non-corrosive, non-toxic, strong oxidation-bactericide and disinfectant.
3. Kill all bacteria, spores and viruses and inhibit mold, sterilizing power up to 99.99%.
1. Disaster areas, hospitals, transport tools decontamination and detoxification.
2. Military maneuver area, battlefield disinfection.
3. Prevention contingency reserve material.
Usage and Dosage:
Objects Effective Chlorine
Dilution Ratio Disinfection Time
Body 100 1:20000 2-4 shower
Clothes 1000 1:200 30 shower, spraying, wiping
Tableware 100 1:800 10-30 soaking
Fruit/Vegetable 100 1:2000 5-6 soaking
Environment 1000 1:200 30 spraying, wiping
Storage and Precaution:
1. Seal and prevent moisture, keep away from heat/sunlight, below 35oC.
2. Use in short time when you open the inner unit package.
3. Glass or plastic container with opened cover should be used for making disinfection liquid. 
4. This product with high concentration has bleaching ability, avoid contact clothing. If contact eyes, use clean water to flush immediately.