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Special for workshop boots, shoes and clothes disinfection.
Item No: B009
Proprietary Name: Workshop Disinfectant
Main Ingredient: 8% of Chlorine Dioxide
Package: 500g/bag×20bags/barrel
Net weight:10000g
Validity: One year

1. Non toxic, no residue, it can replace traditional bleacher or other disinfectants.
2. Package weight is designed special for food and beverage and other industries plant disinfection pool of footwear. Vehicles can also be used for disinfection within workshop.
Food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, health care products factory, workshop and other factory entrance of the boots disinfection.
Usage and Dosage:
1. Put 500 g(one bag) powder into 20 kg water of the plastic bucket, covered with lid, mixed evenly, put it aside for 10 minutes. This mixed solution called mother liquid.
2. Calculate the volume of disinfection pool, in accordance with 100 liter capacity plus 4-8 liters mother liquid (namely, 100 liters water needs100g-200g original powder) the ratio, put the mother liquid into disinfection pool, can be used after mixing evenly.
3. Re-dosing time should be based on use of frequency and cleanliness of shoes and boots disinfected pool specific circumstances. It is recommended to replace one time every 4-6 hours or next work begin.
4. Boots disinfection time should be stay over 30 seconds in the pool.
Storage and Precaution:
1. Seal and prevent moisture, keep away from sunlight/heat, below 35oC.
2. Use in short time when you opened the inner unit package.
3. Glass or plastic vessel should be used for making disinfection liquid. 
4. This product with high concentration liquid has bleaching ability, avoid contact clothing. If contact eyes, use the clean water to flush immediately.