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Farm Disinfection Measures
Necessity of Farming Disinfection

As we all know, modern intensive farming makes infectious diseases more widespread among livestock than ever before. Moreover, the culture inside of the ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful gas concentration is high; poultry are easy to be infected with bronchitis, laryngitis and other disease.

Livestock rearing environment on a regular basis can disinfection of pathogenic microorganisms in their living environment and to minimize the effective oxidation and decomposition odor and harmful gas. Therefore, disinfection plays an important role in preventing animal diseases and controlling the occurrence and spread of infectious diseases at work.

Chlorine dioxide is confrimed as the AI-level disinfectant by the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) and FAO (FAO). It can kill bacterial spores, including all viruses and bacteria, and no resistance, broad-spectrum efficacy, rapid effect, easy to use, harmless to humans, animals and environment;it can also remove odor, prevention of poisoning, and it is the best choice for aquaculture disinfection.

Recommend Products

1. High purity chlorine dioxide powder
2. Stabilized chlorine dioxide solution
3. Effervescent tablet of chlorine dioxide disinfectant
4. Chlorine dioxide disinfection of space to hang the bag

Breeding Disinfection Methods

1. Animal pens, air deodorization and disinfection: wipe or spray 100-200mg / l chlorine dioxide disinfectant on the floor, wall, fence, manger, appliances and others.
2. animal cleaning and disinfection of drinking water systems: drinking water to 1mg / l the concentration of chlorine dioxide directly into the water pipe, water pipe dirt, biofilm removal after the first evacuation into the 100-200mg / l of 2 chlorine disinfectant effect after 20 minutes rinse with water cannons.
3. Bog, feces, sewage disinfection: use of 200 mg / l of chlorine dioxide disinfectant spray or mixing, the role of longer than 30 minutes. Directly add into sewage of 25mg / l concentration of chlorine dioxide.
4. Epidemic disinfection of attack: an outbreak of disease in livestock and poultry disinfection carried out at once, treatment and disposal of dead body with a 500-1000mg / l of chlorine dioxide disinfectant spraying, and other areas required to be sterilized with disinfectant than 1-fold increase in peacetime.