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Product    Direction
Item No: B012
Proprietary Name: Room Air Disinfectant
Main Ingredient: 8% of Chlorine Dioxide
Package: 20g/bag×5bags/box×12boxes/case
Validity: One year
1. Easy to use.
2. AI grade from WHO.
3. Approved by FAO, EPA, FDA, Ministry of Health from many countries.
4. Free activation, green, safe, efficient, no toxicity, no residue.
5. Kill 99.99% of bacteria, virus, fungi, microbe, spore, Bacteria Colonies, Coliform Bacteria, Coli Escherichia, harmful organic substance, etc.
6. Decomposition and removal of formaldehyde gas, stinky smell, etc. 
1. Home spaces: kitchen, bathroom, refrigerators, shoes racks, pet room and other small space.
2. Public spaces: hospital, offices, clinics, kindergartens, classrooms, barracks, entertainment venues, public transports, shopping malls and other space.
Usage and Dosage:
Note: Take off outer transparent plastic cover of the bag, high up 1.5-2m
1. 20-40m3/bag, keep 15-30 days, renew according to fact.
Object: refrigerators, kitchen, bathroom, shoes racks, pet rooms, other small room or light pollution space.
2. 20-40m3/bag, keep 10-15 days, renew according to fact.
Object: offices, clinics, kindergartens, classrooms, barracks, and others more, moderate odor pollution of the environment.
3. 20-40m3/bag, keep 5-10 days, renew according to fact.
Object: dining and entertainment venues, public transport tools, shopping malls, epidemic period, refurbished rooms, new furniture to remove harmful substances.
4. 20-40m3/bag, spray water to drug bag still wet but not dripping, keep2-4 hours in closed space, then open the windows for draught, renew according to fact.(Operator with respirator leave house quickly)
Object: heavy pollution emergency treatment space.
Storage and Precaution:
1. Seal and prevent moisture, keep it below 35oC, away from heat/sun light.
2. Keep out of children.