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"AIDS" Health Knowledge and Preventive Disinfection Measures
Health Knowledge

Full name of AIDS is acquired immune deficiency syndrome, abbreviated as AIDS. It is infected by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) which causes T cell immune function deficiency, in all, AIDS is a disease caused by virus attracting T immune cells. T4 lymphocyte cells are attracted and largely swallowed by a virus, which is called HIV by professionals. The HIV can attack human's immune system, reduce and destroy the body's immune function. As the human immunity decrease, people will more and more frequently be infected with various pathogenic microorganisms, and the extent of infection will become wider and wider, eventually a variety of complex infections lead to death.

AIDS is not a disease but a syndrome. No one will die of AIDS, but people will die of various diseases caused by AIDS, for HIV disintegrated the body's immune system. People are not susceptible to AIDS, because HIV can only survive for several seconds outside the body, but from a living cell to another living cell and only human can be infected with HIV. Thus, doing research of pathology by animals is full of great difficulties.

As some low pathogenic microorganisms are weak, the drop in immune function supplies opportunities for them, they take the chance to attack human, this is opportunistic infections. Autopsy results showed that 90% of people die of AIDS opportunistic infections. AIDS patients can be infected by as many as dozens of pathogens, and often a variety of mixed infection of pathogens, including protozoa, viruses, fungi and bacteria infection. Therefore, disinfecting the environment of AIDS is particularly important.
Recommended Products
1. Stabilized chlorine dioxide solution (500ml / bottle)
2. Emergency Effervescent Disinfection Tablet (200 g / bag)

Disinfection Measures
Note: activate chlorine dioxide disinfectant liquid into concentration of ≥ 1500mg/kg, then add water diluted to the appropriate concentration.
Target Disinfection Concentration (mg/kg) Disinfection Measures
Objects contaminated by blood and body fluid 50 Soak or spray
Patients or health care workers hands 20-50 Soak
wound 100 Soak or wash
air Basic solution fumigation
Patients cloths、commodity 20-50 Soaking or fumigation with basic solution
tableware、fruits、vegetables 20-50 Soaking 20 minutes
ground、furniture、wall、bath 100-200 Spray to wet