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Suit for factories` disinfection and sanitizer
Item No: B004
Proprietary Name: Higher Purity Disinfection Powder
Main Ingredient: 32.5% of Chlorine Dioxide
Package: 1 batch (A(160g/bag) +B(40g/bag)) × 50 batches/box
Validity: One year
1. CIO2 is WHO,EPA-approved for both pretreatment and final disinfection of potable water. It eliminates such microorganisms as escherichia coli and other coliforms, listeria, staphylococcus aureus, giardia cysts, algae and salmonella.
2. CIO2 has consistently been shown to be the best molecule for eradicating the causative organism of legionnaires' disease.
3. CIO2 effectively removes hard water components i.e. iron and manganese, promotes flocculation, and aids in the removal of turbidity.
4. CIO2 does not combine with organics to form suspected carcinogens such as THM's or haloacetic acids (HAA's).
5. CIO2 provides a lasting residual throughout the distribution system to reduce or eliminate the subsequent growth of bacteria, viruses, and algae.
6. CIO2 is ideal for industrial water systems and community water purification plants. CIO2 is also ideal for smaller water supplies such as cisterns and hospital water systems.
1. Tap water, water towers, wells, water supply, food and beverage production water treatment.
2. Process water, industrial circulating water, air-conditioning water disinfection and removal algae.
3. Fisheries and Livestock Farming in the industry, sterilization and water treatment.
4. Meat, vegetables and fruits, sterilization, preservation, corrosion, particularly eaten directly fruits and vegetables for a better effect.
5. Food, pharmaceutical and other industries pipes, containers and industrial equipment of surface disinfection; Production environment and air sterilization, mildew, odor.
6. Public environment, disinfection, mold and odor.
7. Food production, retail, medical and health industries operator's hand, footwear, clothing, utensils, disinfection.
8. The hospital medical devices, equipment and environment, disinfection, sterilization mildew.
Storage and Precaution:
1. Seal and prevent moisture, keep away from heat/sun light, below 35oC.
2. Use in short time when you open the unit inner package.
3. Glass or plastic container with opened cover should be used for making disinfection liquid. 
4. This product with high concentration has bleaching ability, avoid contact clothing. If contact eyes, use clean water to flush immediately.
Usage and Dosage:
1.Put 2.5 liters of water into plastic barrel firstly, then put 1 batch of powder into water, slight stirring and immediately cover container lid, powder will dissolved completely(10-20 minutes),the solution color from colorless to yellow green, concentration about 20000mg/kg, this solution called mother liquid.
2. The actual use concentration as refer to follow sheet.
 (1) Water Treatment
Objects Using Concentration
(mg / kg)
Treatment of Water Quantity (bag/t) Method
Tap water
Secondary water supply
0.2-0.5 100-250
Put into water equably after activated mother liquid.
Food and beverage process water 0.2-0.3 150-250
Industrial recycle water disinfection,removal algae 2-5 10-25
Aquaculture 0.01-0.02 2500-5000
Sewage water 5-20 2.5-10
(2) Daily Disinfection:
Objects Using Concentrations (mg/kg) Added Water (dag/kg) Disinfection Time (minute) Method
Food & Beverage pipeline 50-100 500-1000 10-20 washing or soaking
Pure water, mineral water barrels 200-250 200-250 10-20 high-pressure washing
Beverage bottles, caps 150-200 250-300 5-10 immersion
Workshops, warehouses, environment and air disinfection 10000 5 240-480 fumigation, 20,000 m3
50 1 000 240-480 spraying, 20,000 m3
Workshop entrance disinfection pool 50-100 500-1000 ____ mother liquid diluted with water before use
Overalls, shoes, hats, towels 50-100 500-1000 15-20 soaking
Ice cream, popsicles and other disk mode 50-100 500-1000 overnight soaking
Operator's hand 50-100 500-1000 1 immersion
Vegetables, fruits, sterilization ,preservation 100-200 250-500 2-5 rinse with water after soaking