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Chlorine Dioxide Disinfectant Application in Frozen Beverage Manufacturing Process
——Ice Cream, Snow Mud, Popsicles, Edible Ice, Sweet Ice Production of Disinfection

Based on China's food standards, ice cream, snow mud, popsicles, and edible ice, sweet all are called freeze drinks. The general production process of frozen drinks includes: water treatment, material handling, batching mixing, sterilizing, cooling, water mold, aging, packaging, storage and so on.

Chlorine dioxide is confirmed by the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) and FAO (FAO) as the AI level of disinfectant, it is broad-spectrum, high efficiency, non-toxic, no residue, and no "three-induced effect." In addition to chlorine dioxide as an environmental disinfectant used outside, also approved by China's Ministry of Health as drinking water treatment agent, it is the best alternative of other disinfectants as bleached powder, calcium hypochlorite or sodium dichloroisocyanurate. Chlorine dioxide applied to (soft) drinking water quality and equipment disinfection, environment, staffs, and many other aspects disinfection.

Disinfection Application
1. Soft drinking water, sterile water:add chlorine dioxide into running water with concentrations of 0.2-0.8mg / l, reaction time more than 30 minutes.
2. Mold wash water treatment: chlorine dioxide added to the water with concentrations of 2-10mg / l before using.
3. Pretreatment of raw materials: with 10-20mg / l of chlorine dioxide solution soaking vegetables, fruits, nuts and other solid materials more than 30 minutes.
4. Pipelines, tanks and other disinfection with CIP systems: A 50-100mg / l chlorine dioxide cycle for more than 20 minutes.
5. The factory environment, warehouse and other disinfection: 100-200mg / l chlorine dioxide disinfectant spray.
6. The workshop floor, walls, doors, windows and other production equipment, conveyor belt surface disinfection:100-150mg / l chlorine dioxide disinfectant wipe.
7. Footwear pool, vehicles imported into the plant disinfection pool: adding 100-200mg / l chlorine dioxide disinfectant,change by shift.
8. Operator hand disinfection: clean, and then soak in 100 mg / l of chlorine dioxide disinfectant.
9. Working clothing, gloves, etc.: soaking in 10-30mg / l chlorine dioxide disinfectant 20 minutes, dry.
10. Engineering equipment and transport vehicles disinfection: 50-100mg / l chlorine dioxide disinfectants spray or wipe.

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