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Second-Hand House Disinfection
Why Should Second-Hand House Be Disinfected?

Health experts suggest new house-owner should disinfect rooms before moving into. Because we don’t know the former owners’ disease history,the bacteria can exist on walls, ceilings, floors, door handles for many years , such as, hepatitis B virus, TB bacteria and viruses, etc. After tetanus bacilli form spores, it can survive for a few years, that is, in dry sputum mycobacterium tuberculosis can also survive for six months; even if the original tenants is absent from infectious disease it cannot exclude the possibility of disease carrier. So it is necessary for house-owner to disinfect house before living.

How to Disinfect Second-Hand House?

In second-hand house disinfection, the sputum may exist on the containers, floors, walls, and toilet, which should be scrubbed, soaked in 200mg/l chlorine dioxide solution and finally with 2000mg / l of chlorine dioxide fumigation of 24-48 hours, then open the window deflation, It can achieve complete disinfection.

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