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Swimming Pool Disinfection Tablets
Effect Review

The main purpose of swimming pool disinfection is to kill the bacteria, viruses and algae of pool water and in the meantime to prevent swimmers' occurrence of cross infection.In bad disinfected pools, swimmers are susceptible to infect conjunctivitis, trachoma, upper respiratory tract inflammation, pseudomonas aeruginosa otitis externa, fungal skin infections, and even Hepatitis B inflammation. Therefore, after swimming pool water filtration must have strict disinfection.

Chlorine Dioxide with Multiple Effects of Sterilization and Deodorization, the Advantages of Swimming Pool Disinfectant as Follows:

1.Strong oxidative capacity, its oxidation is 2.6 times the chlorine and can kill in a short time the water bacteria, viruses and algae, including bacillus, viruses and worms.
2.Not react with ammonia or chloramines when sterilization, so not produce odor, but oxidating smell substances such as thiols, secondary amines and tertiary amines; can keep good effect in high ammonia contained water.
3.Removal by oxidation of Fe2 +, Mn2 +, cyanide, and phenol.
4.After reaction not produce carcinogenic chlorinated organic compounds, so chloroform formation 90% less.
5.Sterilization value not affected within PH6-10 , the higher the temperature, the better sterilization effect.

Products Packing

Effervescent chlorine dioxide disinfection tablets (tablet weight ≥ 1g) 100 g / bag × 150 bag / drum (15kg / barrel)

Ingredients:8% Chlorine Dioxide

Shelf Life:one year

Disinfection Measures

1.Swimming pool water disinfection: 12.5 kg per 1,000 tons water into chlorine dioxide disinfectant effervescent tablet. According to the season and personnel flows in the summer every 1-2 days to vote medicine one time, in winter 3-5 days a time.
2.Pre-disinfection for into the pool staff: 2 kg Effervescent disinfectant tablets per ton water, staff soaking 5-10 seconds.
3.Swimming pool air sterilization and deodorization: In accordance with 500ml water per unit volume of solution after disinfection tablets inside swimming pool with a spray sprinkler.