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Solve the Problem of Soil Cropping Disease
Packing : 1 g / piece × 5000-10000 pieces / bag (outer optional)
Ingredients : 7-9% chlorine dioxide
Shelf Life : two years
Features :
1.Broad-spectrum for bactericidal and effective, reduced soil fungi, actinomycetes and bacteria.
2.Using controlled-release technology, slow release of chlorine dioxide, lasting efficacy, long duration of action.
3.High purity, no residue, does not pollute the environment, does not change the soil PH.
4.Free activation, can be directly cast into the water or planting hole, easy to use.

The Scope of Application

Control cropping disease of cotton, ginseng, watermelon, strawberries, apples, pears, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, garlic and other kinds of crops.

Disinfection Measures

1. Irrigation Disinfection:

(1) Calculated soil water for each irrigation.
(2) In proportion of 1 g/ tablet:0.5-1 kg of water (80-160mg/kg) put defined amount of chemicals into the plastic basket.
(3) Put the above baskets into the drainage openings, the tablets dissolve into the soil and disinfection.
(4) According to the severity of the disease to determine cropping irrigation disinfection time, these methods should normally be used continuously for 3-10 days.

2. Planting Hole Disinfection, Seed Disinfection:

(1) In proportion of 1 g/ tablet:0.5-1 kg of water (80-160mg/kg), add products into the water, stir dissolved.
(2) Pour the solution into the planting hole, or soaking seed.