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Refrigerator Disinfection Method
Why Disinfect the Refrigerator?

When common cold refrigerator preserves foods, the temperature is from 4 ℃to 8℃, in this condition, most of bacteria can breed slowly. But some bacteria are psychrophiles, such as Yesinia bacteria, listeria, they can rapidly breed in such temperatures. If eat the food infected with these bacteria, people may be infected intestinal diseases. But in refrigerator cooling chamber, temperature is about -18 ℃, in which most bacteria can be inhibited or killed; the food inside the store has a better freshment. However, frozen doesn’t mean a complete sterilization, there is still a strong freezing capacity of bacteria surviving. So, from another point of view, fridge, if not disinfected regularly, some bacteria would become a "breeding ground", so it is necessary to disinfect the refrigerator regularly.

Experts suggest disinfecting the refrigerator at least once a month, especially during the summer months. When disinfection, never forget refrigerator door seal, for bacteria up to a dozen types easily infect food and result in human disease.

How to Disinfect?

Wipe wall and accessories with a clean hot water first, then wipe the inside, surfaces, door seals, accessories with 100mg/l chlorine dioxide disinfectant.

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