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"Anthrax" Health Knowledge and Preventive Measures of Sterilization
Health Knowledge

Anthrax, a rare bacterial disease, is caused by the anthrax bacillus. There are three types of infections: inhalation, intestine and skin infections. Inhalation anthrax is very rare, its early symptoms are similar to the common cold, 2-6 days later, breathing difficult, then shock and death. The symptoms of intestinal anthrax is similar to severe food poisoning. Cutaneous anthrax often presents painless ulcer, the central part of the black, swollen lymph glands nearby, the most common category.

Anthrax is herbivores acute infectious disease caused by the Bacillus anthracis and it is a disease infected from animals to human.Human who have contacted with sick animals and their products or the consumption of meat and sick animals will be infected. The major clinical manifestations is skin necrosis ulcer, eschar and surrounding tissue edema and toxemia symptoms of widespread and occasionally causing lung, intestine, and meninges of the acute infection, and can be associated with sepsis.

Bacillus anthracis and the spores are usually found in soil, sheep, cattle, horses, and plants. Humans are infected by contacting with infected animals or their products, or inhaling anthrax spores. Anthrax can not spread from one people to other people.Human infection with Bacillus anthracis mainly by two ways: industry and agriculture.By contacting with infectious disease is the main way. Skin's directly contacting with sick animals and their fur is the easiest infection way. with inhalation a large number anthrax spore dust, aerosol or eating bacterial contamination meat can occur separately intestinal anthrax or pulmonary anthrax. Unsterile brush, or bited by insect is pathogenic.

Recommend Products
1. Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide Solution (500ml / bottle)
2. Emergency Effervescent Disinfection Tablet

Disinfection Measures
Note: The activation of chlorine dioxide disinfectant liquid into ≥ 1500mg/kg, later add water diluted to an appropriate concentration.
Animal/Livestock Husbandry and Production Concentration (mg/kg) Disinfection Measures
Refrigerator、storehouse 100 Spray disinfectant after cleaning,ventilation after action
Freezer 200 Wipe, removal odor after 30 minutes
meat、fruits and vegetables、eggs 20 Soaking for 10 minutes or rinsing
Feather、skin Mother liquid Fumigation for more than 1 hour
Bones 50-100 Spray:with action time of 1 hour
Market environment disinfection
(shelter、fence、stake、yard、chopping board)
200 Spray or wipe after cleaning
Water source 5-10 Mix to clo2 concentration of 5mg/kg
Sewage 20-30
Mix to clo2 concentration of 20mg/kg
Animal products packages 50-100 Spray or fumigation
Transportation 200 Spray or wipe