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Washing Machine Disinfection
Why Disinfect Washing Machine?

Washing machine appears to be very clean, but there is a sleeve in it, laundry water is flowing back and forth in the mezzanines, over time, the mezzanines will be attached to a large number of dirt. The dirt is not only a serious secondary pollution in the laundry clothes, but also harmful to human health. Therefore, we need to clean and disinfect washing machines regularly.

In general, a new washing machine used half a year should be cleaned and disinfected once every two to three months.

How to Disinfect Washing Machine?

Detach washing machine filter, wipe it with 100 mg / l chlorine dioxide solution.

As the usual laundry, add water to washing machine to the highest, put into chlorine dioxide disinfectant with concentration of 10-20mg/l, turn on washing machine, washing for about 30 minutes, release water will be finished.

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