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Viral Hepatitis Health Knowledge and Preventive Disinfection Measures
Health Knowledge

Viral hepatitis caused by the hepatitis virus is a liver damage based systemic disease. Common viral hepatitis can be divided into Type A, B, C, D and E five types, in addition to hepatitis F and hepatitis G. viral hepatitis is a worldwide infectious disease, each year hundreds of millions of patients are afflicted by hepatitis, of which more than two million people die. Hepatitis B virus is the most dangerous and influential of all hepatitis viruses, there are 3 million people worldwide carrying the hepatitis B virus, China accounted for 150 million.

According to some statistics, there are 40 million patients existing in our country with chronic hepatitis (mainly caused by the hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus also). Every year millions of patients are infected with acute hepatitis A, among people hbsag (HBsAg) carrier rate is at least 10%, hepatitis C infection rate is about 3%; average infection rate of hepatitis E is about 1.5%. Hepatitis D virus is a defective virus and cannot be infected with the human body alone, and often overlap with the hepatitis B virus infection or mixed infection, promote exacerbations or make chronic illness, drug and border regions is of the higher incidence.

Hepatitis A and hepatitis E is intestinal infectious diseases, mainly through contaminated food, drinking water, infected from hairy clam and other small aquatic shellfish and can spread widely.

A life-long immunity after hepatitis A diseases, it will not become chronic carriers of the virus, or develop into chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis and liver cancer and no transmission through mother to child (from hepatitis A infection mother to her children).

However, infection of hepatitis E in pregnant women, may significantly promote the disease, mortality can be as high as 10% -20%, should be given more attention. Hepatitis B, hepatitis C and hepatitis D, mainly are caused through blood transfusion, using blood products or micro-injection of blood (e.g. acupuncture). In addition, hepatitis B virus can be transmitted through vertical transmission (i.e. mother to child transmission); as to the existence of mother to child transmission of Hepatitis C, inconsistent with the views in various countries. Hepatitis B without treatment, after 40-60 years may develop liver cirrhosis or liver cancer, and hepatitis C after 20-30 years can develop into cirrhosis or liver cancer.

Recommend Products
1. Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide Solution (500ml / bottle)
2. Emergency Effervescent Disinfection Tablet (200 g / bag)

Disinfection Measures
Note: activate chlorine dioxide disinfectant into concentration ≥ 1500mg/kg, then add water diluted the stock solution to appropriate concentration.
Patients Houshold Disinfection Concentration (mg/kg) Disinfection Method
Air disinfection 500 put disinfectants into container,fumigation change until colorless
Furniture surface or ground 100-200 Wipe, at least 2 times per day
Patients hands 80 Soaking 3 minutes,air dry
Cutlery, mouth appliances, towels 50-100 Soaking more than 30 minutes
Patients shit 300-500 Add disinfection into shit pool for more than 1 hour
Patients toilet,sanitary ware 100-200 Spray to wet or wipe