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Potable water is water that is fit for human consumption (drinking).
Item No: D002
Proprietary Name: Camp Drinking Water Purification
Main Ingredient: 1mg of Chlorine Dioxide
Package: 5g/bottle x 10 bottles/box
Validity: One year
1. Rapid, green, safe, efficient, no toxicity, harmless.
2. CIO2 is WHO and EPA-approved for both pretreatment and final disinfection of potable water. It eliminates such microorganisms as escherichia coli and other coliforms, listeria, staphylococcus aureus, giardia cysts, algae and salmonella.
3. CIO2 has consistently been shown to be the best molecule for eradicating the causative organism of legionnaires' disease.
4. CIO2 effectively removes hard water components i.e. iron and manganese, promotes flocculation, and aids in the removal of turbidity.
5. CIO2 does not combine with organics to form suspected carcinogens such as THM's or haloacetic acids (HAA's).
 Military, exploration, hiker, surveying and mapping workers, climbers and explorers, photography, painting enthusiasts and other wild activities.
Usage and Dosage:
1. One bottle liquid can treat 2 liters of wild water. Put all the liquid into 2 liters water and shake 20seconds, you can drink directly after 5 minutes.
2. One bottle liquid diluted to 50-100 ml for toothbrush, cutlery and other items disinfection by soaking or wiping.
3. Effect: disinfection, purification, removal algae and odor, improving water quality.
Storage and Precaution:
1. Seal and keep away from heat/sunlight.
2. One bottle disinfectant should be exhausted once time.