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Chlorine Dioxide Disinfectant Application in the Food Products Processing
——Wet Noodles, Rice Noodles, Wet Vermicelli, Rice Cake and other Food Products in the Production Process Sterilization, Bleaching, Preservation and Desulfurization

Cereal products, such as noodles, fresh noodles, wet face, wet vermicelli, wet rice noodles, rice cakes, dried cake are made from raw material of wheat, rice, sorghum, corn, beans and other food products.What make cereal products go bad is mainly due to contaminated raw materials and processing of bacterial pollution and excessive sulfur. Therefore, the pretreatment of raw materials, sterilization of manufacturing process and exceeded sulfur treatment are the most important procedures and they are relate to food security greatly.

Chlorine dioxide is confirmed by the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) and FAO (FAO) as the AI level of disinfectant, it is broad-spectrum, highly efficient, non-toxic, no residue, no "three-induced effect." In addition to be as an environmental disinfectant used outside, chlorine dioxide also is approved as drinking water treatment agent and the food agent by China's Ministry of Health. It is the best alternative of other disinfectants and food additives such as bleach, calcium hypochlorite, sodium dichloroisocyanurate which were banned by other countries.Chlorine dioxide can be applied to disinfection of raw materials, water disinfection, instrument sterilization, environmental disinfection and food bleaching personnel, excessive sulfur treatment and many other aspects during cereal products processing.

Disinfection Application

1. Rice, beans and other raw materials pretreatment: soaking into 50-100mg/l chlorine dioxide disinfectant overnight.

2. Modulation water disinfection, sterile water production: add chlorine dioxide directly into the water, concentration of 0.5-1mg/l.

3. Production tools, equipment disinfection: soaking into 50-100 mg/l chlorine dioxide disinfectant.

4. Factory environment, workshops, warehouses air disinfection:100-200mg/l chlorine dioxide disinfectant spray.

5. The workshop floor, walls, windows and doors, and conveyor belts and other production equipment surface disinfection: wipe 100-150mg/l chlorine dioxide disinfectant.

6. Footwear pool, imported into the factory vehicles pool disinfection: add 150-200mg/l chlorine dioxide disinfectant, change by shift.

7. The operator hands disinfection: cleans, soak into 100 mg/l of chlorine dioxide disinfectant.

8. Working clothing, gloves, etc. disinfection: soaking into 10-30mg/l chlorine dioxide disinfectant 20 minutes, dry.

9. Wet rice flour bleaching: soaking into chlorine dioxide bleach to satisfied food color.

10. Wet face, wet rice noodles fresh: molded noodles stay on the conveyor belt and in the disinfectant pool of 200mg/l within 20 seconds.

11. Desulfurization exceeding sulfur rice flour: soaking into sulfur dioxide scavenger.

12. Effluent disinfection: add chlorine dioxide directly to concentration of 25mg/l.

13. Waste disinfection: spray 200mg/l chlorine dioxide disinfectant, do harmless treatment.

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