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Product    Direction
Item No: B015
Proprietary Name: Sericulture Germicide
Main Ingredient: 8% of Chlorine Dioxide
1. 13 g/bag × 40 bags/barrel × 12 barrels/box
2. 30 g/bag × 40 bags/barrel × 12 barrels/box
Validity: Two years
1. Approved by WHO, FAO, EPA.
2. Kill 99.99% of bacteria, virus, fungi, spore,etc. 
3. Rely on reactive oxygen atoms germicide, effective, safe, green, broad-spectrum.
1. Silkworm baby, adult, eggs, house, utensils, mulberry leaf, mulberry farm sterilization.
2. Silkworm house, utensil deodorization.
3. Mulberry leaf keeping moisture, fresh and detoxification.
Storage and Precaution:
1. Seal and prevent moisture, keep it below 35oC, away from heat/sun light.
2. Use it in short time when you open the inner package.
3. Glass or plastic vessel should be used for making high concentration disinfection liquid before diluting.
4. If contact eyes, use the clean water to flush it immediately.
Usage and Dosage:
1. 1 bag of drug (13 g/bag) put into 1 kg water (forbid to converse), stir and keep 5 minutes, get 1 kg of mother liquid. (Note: Mother liquid can be stored up to 10 days with closed container in cool place)
2. Dlitue mother liquid according to follow sheet:
Objects Use Concentration (mg/kg) Dilute Mother Liquid (extra water: kg) Method
Utensil, House, Environment 200 ~ 150 5-6 Spraying, soaking
Environment: spray to wet in the dark.
Room: spray to wet, closed doors and windows last 2-3 hours.
Utensil: soaking for 5-10 minutes.
Silkworm,Silkworm Eggs 1000 No need more water Fumigation
Silkworm adult: place 1 non-metal container with wide mouth every 4 m2, capacity: 100ml.
Silkworm baby: same with adult, except capacity: 30ml.
200 150 4-6 Spraying
Ordinary: once a day before feeding dark.
Hot dry weather: separately spray 3 times to wet one day before feeding time.
Mulberry Leaf 150 ~ 100 6-9 Spraying
Mulberry leaf: spray to wet, covered with plastic, remain 20 minutes.
Wet cold weather, mulberry leaf should be slightly dry before feeding.
Hot dry weather, mulberry leaf should be wet before feeding.
Mulberry Disease Prevention 150-100 6-9 Mulberry root: soaked 10-20 minutes before planting.
Mulberry disease prevention: spray once a week in the dark.
Disease appearing: spray to wet once a day in the dark, last three days.
Mulberry cuted down in summer or winter: spray to wet, covered trees body.
Mulberry Seed 150-100 6-9 Mulberry seed: soaked for 5-10 minutes before planting.
Dead Silkworm and Feces 500 1 Dead silkworm and feces fully mixed with disinfection liquid over 2 hours.
Hand Disinfection 200-250 3-4 Soaking and rubbing hands for 5-10 minutes after picking, cutting, feeding mulberry leaf.
Before Returning Hill 200-250 3-4 House, utensil spraying, soaking disinfection
Shoes Disinfection 200-250 3-4 Soaking for 5-10 minutes