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Item No: B020
Proprietary Name: Tobacco Nursery Bactericide
Main Ingredient: 8% of Chlorine Dioxide Powder
1. 200 g/bagx5 bags/barrel x 12barrels/box
2. 10 g/bagx 100sbags/big bag x 10 big bags/box
Validity: One year
1. Approved by WHO, FAO, EPA.
2. Kill 99.99% of bacteria, virus, fungi, spore, etc.
3. Rely on reactive oxygen atoms germicide, effective, safe, green, broad-spectrum.
Tobacco nursery disease prevention: downy mildew, leaf spot, anthracnose, black heart disease, soft rot, leaf diseases, powdery mildew, leaf blight, wilt disease, smut, scab, white rot, rust, ulcer disease, sheath blight, leaf mold, etc.
Usage and Dosage:
One copy of powder added into 50 copies water (Note: the sequence of operations shall not be converse), completely dissolved, put it aside for 5-10 minutes, this is solution called mother liquid.
Mother liquid will be diluted with water to use as following:
1. Ordinary dilution ratio 1:1000.
2. Floating plate sterilization: Prepare disinfectant according to ratio: mother liquid : water = 1:20, then spray to floating plate, or put the clean floating plate into disinfectant pond for soaking, take out after 5-10 minutes.
3. Pond water disinfection: Prepare disinfectant according to ratio: mother liquid : water = 1:1000, put diluted disinfectant into pond, covered greenhouse film for 2-4 hours.
4. Site disinfection: Prepare disinfetant according to ratio: mother liquid: water=1:9, placed for 30 minutes before disinfection. Spray on sites around floating pool, arch, etc.
5. Operator hand disinfection: leaf-cutting before, the operator washing hands with soap, then soaked disinfectant for 30-60 seconds to dry, mother liquid: water = 1:20.
6. Utensil, equipment disinfection: Prepare disinfectant according to ratio: mother liquid : water = 1:3, than soaked scissors and other tools for 5-10 minutes.
Storage and Precaution:
1. Seal and prevent moisture, keep cool and place, away from sunlight/heat, below 35oC.
2. Use mother liquid in short time when you opened outer plastic cover of drug bag.
3. Glass or plastic vessel should be used for making disinfection liquid. 
4. Avoid contacting clothing. If contact eyes, use the clean water to flush immediately.