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How to Disinfect Toilet?
Health Knowledge

Modern medicine confirms that the damp environment is the most ideal place for mould and
If mould is inhaled into lungs, people would infect pneumonia or pulmonary fungal disease.Damp environment also increases disease possibility, such as rashes, hand-foot-and-ringworm.
Psychodidae hazards: we often see small flying insects in washing room, they are called psychodidae whose whole body is covered with hair carrying bacteria, it is possible to contaminate food, transmit disease; their habituating in white paint or tile walls will affect the room's cleaning and freshment and,the most important thing is that it isharmful and it will cause myiasis.
Toilet Pollution also Includes the Following Situations:

1. When toilet is flushing, bacteria in excretion will be filled with water droplets and aerosol to the bathroom in the air, so bacteria spread in the indoor air.
2. Button contaminated by E. coli which would cause people of enteritis, dysentery and other intestinal diseases.
3. Toilet seat would cause folliculitis, jock itch or other skin diseases by cross infection.
4. Toilets in public places, due to large number of people, pollution is more serious.
Disinfection Measures

Wipe floor, wall, sanitary wares with 200mg/l chlorine dioxide disinfectants liquid for 30 minutes; or with activity time of 1 hour in 100mg/l disinfectants liquid.
Add into sewer 400-500mg / l of chlorine dioxide disinfectant with action for 10 min; do not flush.

Air disinfection, fumigation with activated liquid, no one state of 10mg/m3, some state of dosage of 2 mg/m3.

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