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Item No: B014
Proprietary Name: Fruits and Vegetables Preservative
Packing: 20 g/bag × 30 bags/barrel × 12 barrels/box
Main Ingredient: 8% of Chlorine Dioxide
Validity: One year
1. Easy to use.
2. Approved by FAO, EPA, FDA, Ministry of Health from many countries.
3. Green, safe, efficient, no toxicity, no residue.
4. Kill all kinds of bacteria, virus, fungi, spore, Bacteria Colonies, Coliform Bacteria, Coli Escherichia,
5. Removal odor and keeping fresh for long time.
6. React and decompose with odor material quickly, such as H2S,-SOH,-NH2, etc, get to preservation purpose for long time.
Packaged fresh vegetables and fruits.
Usage and Dosage:
1. Puncture 10-20 holes on one bag
2. Place one bag into fruits or vegetables packing box.
Storage and Precaution:
1. Seal and prevent moisture, keep it below 35oC, away from heat and sun light.
2. Keep away from Chirden.