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Chlorine Dioxide Application in Meat Processing
——Sausage, Ham, Bacon, Butter Braised Pork, Pickled Meat and other Non-heating, Low Temperature, Medium Temperature, High-temperature Meat Products for Disinfection

Meat products contain sausage, ham, bacon, butter braised pork, barbecue meat, slice dried meat, meatballs conditioning skewers, meat pie, salted meat produced from livestock meat, poultry meat as the main raw material, and other kinds of non-heated crystal meat, low temperature meat products, meat products and high temperature meat products in the temperature.

It is essential to control microbial amount in the processing of raw materials. The most important way to Control microorganisms is to choose the right disinfection agent.

Chlorine dioxide is internationally recognized as a new generation of efficient, broad-spectrum, safe sterilization preservative. It has been classified as A1 class of chlorine dioxide disinfectant by the World Health Organization (WHO) and FAO China's Ministry of Health also confirmed that chlorine dioxide can be used as disinfectants and a new food additives.

Using chlorine dioxide in meat processing as disinfectant is safe and effective, it is the best alternative compared with other disinfectants such as sodium hypochlorite (84 disinfectant), bleaching powder, calcium hypochlorite, SDIC(sodium dichloro isocyanurate) which are banned by many countries in meat processing and fresh keeping.

Disinfection Applications

1. The Production Process of Disinfection:
(1) Livestock, poultry body spraying disinfection: with 80-150mg/l chlorine dioxide disinfectant washing.
(2) Disinfection of poultry hot wash tank: with 10-20mg/l chlorine dioxide disinfectant soaking 10 minutes or more.
(3) Boneless carcass sterilization: with 50-100mg/l chlorine dioxide disinfectant washing.
(4) Casing (for sausage) preservation: with 20-50mg/l chlorine dioxide disinfectant soaking.
(5) Production water disinfection: add chlorine dioxide disinfection into the water to concentration of 0.5-1mg/l, reaction time is no less than 30 minutes.
(6) Production of ice disinfection:add chlorine dioxide disinfectant into the ice water to concentration of 0.5-1mg/l, reaction time is more than 10 minutes then froze ice.
(7) Waste disinfection: after 200-500mg/l chlorine dioxide disinfectant spraying or soaking, make innocuous treatment.

2. The Production Environment and Personnel, Vehicle Disinfection:
(1) Factory environment, storage, slaughter zones disinfection: 100-200mg/l chlorine dioxide disinfectant spray.
(2) The workshop floor, wall, doors, windows and other production equipment, conveyor belt surface disinfection: 100-150mg/l chlorine dioxide disinfectant wipe.
(3) Footwear pool, pool vehicles imported into the plant disinfection: adding 100-200mg/l chlorine dioxide disinfectant, change by shift.
(4) Hand disinfection: after cleaning, use 100 mg/l of chlorine dioxide disinfectant soaking.
(5) Working clothing, gloves, etc.: with 20-50mg/l chlorine dioxide disinfectant soaking 20 minutes, dry.
(6) Tools and instruments, transport vehicles disinfection:50-100mg/l chlorine dioxide disinfectants spray or wipe.

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