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Plague Transmission,Prevention Knowledge and Disinfection Measures

Health Knowledge

Plague is caused by bacterium Yersinia pestis and it is a natural epidemic focus on rodents. Under certain conditions, they infect humans through infected mice, infected fleas. Plague is contagious and high mortality. Plague can be divided into several kinds of pneumonic plague, such as bubonic plague, tonsil plague and others, etc.
Plague is transmitted by direct transmission, droplet transmission, media insects, and other means.
Primary pneumonic plague patients can spread virus through breath, talk, cough, sneezing and droplets.
In order to prevent plague, we should strictly control source of infection and protect the susceptible ones. During the plague prevention and treatment, it is important to disinfect, kill insects and mice, and isolate infections.

1. Patients suspected or confirmed should be immediately reported to emergency epidemic disease department. In the meantime, patients should be isolated and not allowed to be visited or visit others. Patients’ excreta should be disinfected thoroughly and the death should be cremated or buried. Contacts should be quarantined 9 days and those who have received vaccination, quarantine period should be extended to 12 days.

2. Eliminate animal infection source:
Monitor natural epidemic focus and control strictly disease; Carry out hygiene campaigns widely; Marmot is an important infection source in certain areas and should be killed to a large extent.

3. Cut off the route of transmission:
(1) depulization:depulization must be done thoroughly, spraying disinfectant to animals, including cats, dogs, livestock, etc.
(2) strengthen country transport quarantine: vessels, vehicles, aircraft, etc from foreign epidemic focus should be strictly quarantined, depulization, deratization, disinfection.

Recommended Products

1. Disinfectant powder
2. Effervescent disinfectant tablet

Disinfection Measures

1. Disinfection should be carried out after epidemic outbreak in time, at least once a day.
2. Activate chlorine dioxide disinfectant into the liquid≥ 1500mg/kg, then add water diluted to an appropriate concentration.

Target sterilization Concentration(mg/kg) Application method Notes
ground, wall surface of infected areas 150-200 spray More than 3 times per day
Indoor air disinfection(some state) 500 fumigation Keep room air circulation
Indoor air disinfection(no state) 1000
Ground infected by patients 500 spray Clean after 1 hour action
Patients sputum、secretion、sputum container 500 Soaked in disinfectants With action of more than 1 hour
Object surface 200-300 wipe Wipe 2 times per day,rag can be used after soaking 10 minutes
The patient's clothing and textiles 50 soak Washing after soaking 1 hour action
vehicles, stretcher
200 Spray or wipe Action time no less than 30 minutes
Vegetables and food bitted by patients 20 soak Incineration after soaking disinfection
Hands and skin of Patients and heath care workers 50 soak 1-3 minutes
Hospital sewage treatment 200-300 Put into water mix, with action of 30 minutes
Human and animal bodies 500 Spray or soak Buried and cremated away from water source after animal carcasses disinfection ASAP