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Chlorine Dioxide Application in Drinking Water Treatment
Products Name Water Quantity of Per Unit Water Quantity of Economical Use Features of Using and Cost
Effervescent Disinfection Tablet 100-400kg/1g/pill 50kg-50ton Convenience,faster, and for a Little water or urgent disinfection treatment
Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide Solution 5-100ton/kg 500-2000ton WHO standard product, of more using experience, mature and stable
High Purity Disinfection Powder 900-3750ton/4.5kg/suit ≥1000ton Use in suit, convenience, lower cost
Higher Purity Disinfection Powder 50-250ton/160g/ bag 50-500ton Food grade, long-acting,
for food and beverage water treatment
Highest Purity Disinfection Powder 300-1250ton/500g/bag 500-5000ton Lower cost, activate before using