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Chlorine dioxide used for oral care

Now you can say good bye to your bad breath! Scientists and orthodontists agree on how strong the effects of chlorine dioxide in treating bad breath are.

Bad breath or halitosis is a big problem. It plagues some 25 percent of the American population and the numbers continue to rise. It is the aim of the manufacturers of Oral Care to give every individual a pleasant breath. That is why, after years of study and research, they were able to come up with oral care products that contain stabilized chlorine dioxide. This compound was found to be very potent in eliminating the foul smell in mouth caused by hydrogen sulfide and methylmercaptan molecules.

How does the chlorine dioxide works? If you all know, chlorine dioxide is an oxidizing agent, that is, it releases oxygen. On the contrary, oral bacteria are anaerobic, meaning, they live in environment that lacks oxygen. Thus, when this oral bacteria are exposed to oxidizing agents, their number is greatly minimized.

Chlorine dioxide can also neutralize sulfur compounds, thus, degrading the precursor components used by bacteria in the forming volatile sulfur compounds (or VSCs), another cause of oral malodor. Results based on the study of the Brazilian Oral Research divulged that even 0.1 percent concentration of chlorine dioxide in a mouthwash can inhibit the formation of VSCs, resulting to a more pleasant breath.

Using Oral Care products can help you obtain the fresh breath that you always long for. These products are safe for children, and best of all, they are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-mutagenic, and non-allergenic.

Long term use of Oral Care products can also prevent the cause of periodontal diseases, like gingivitis and periodontis. Since chlorine dioxide minimizes the formation of VSCs, the absence of these oral toxins can stop bacteria from crossing the epithelial barrier and eventually, from penetrating into the inner tissues.

Aside from preventing periodontis, chlorine dioxide can also stop dental caries or tooth decay. Chlorine dioxide chemically kills the glycoproteins and complex carbohydrates that cause plaque. Thus, when they are eliminated, the formation of caries is altered.

Other oral care products use mint flavoring or alcohol to deodorize the bad smell. However, according to Dr. Richard Price, consumer adviser of the American Dental Association, "breath mints and mouthwashes are simply cover ups," and their effects last for only an hour or two. But when you try using oral care products from our`s manufacturer, you will see the difference. Your breath will stay fresh and pleasant for up to eight hours. And the best this here is that manufacturers do not use alcohol, which also masks, but does take away bad odor. Now you know why we leads the oral care game!